International Shipping Service is Available.


how to ship to you
We send our products to overseas at EMS or
For more information on, please check the links.

We will respond in Japanese or Korean language.
It's possible to respond to English, but it's not perfect.


We accept only PayPal for international payment transaction.
All our product prices and shipping fees are charged in Japanese yen.

carriage and transaction fee

Carriage and PayPal fee will be charged to you.

PayPall fee is 3.9% of your order items and carriage + 40yen
(Total amount of merchandise + shipping + 40yen) * 1.039

Carriage rates depend on the weight of the consignment and the delivery location.

you can check carriage rate :

Rough estimate(0.5kg - 2kg):
Asia  (¥1400-¥3300)   
Oceania/North America/Central America/Middle and Near East (¥2000-¥4500)   
Europe (¥2200-¥5000)
South America/Africa (¥2400-¥7300)

※some customs or import duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel.


return policy

Return and exchange are not acceptable for international shippings.
We do not accept the return and exchange according to your convenience and for any reasons.
In case the item is shipped back to Japan due to imposibility to deliver,
carriage for teturn will be charged to you.



1.Put the items you want to buy in the cart and complete the order.

2.After ordering, you can get reply mail automatically. If you don’t receive the mail in a minutes,
Probably your mail address is incorrect. Please send correct mail address or other mail address to this email address. 


3.You will receive a notification of the total amount to be paid from us via PayPal.

4.Your order will be shipped out within 7 business days after we confirm our receipt of the total amount.
Please note that your order will be automatically cancelled if we do not receive the total amount within 5 days after we send notification.


5.We will contact you for the tracking number after the shipment has been completed.




ⒶMembers enter e-mail addresses and passwords.
Ⓑyou become a membership
Ⓒyou don’t become a membership.









❶ Enter your name.
❷ Please copy this word "フリガナ" and paste that to this form.
❸ Please enter your postal code.
❹ Choose lowest word “日本国外”.
❺ Put your street number and your city and your country.

❻ Put your Email address.
❼ Phone number.
❽ Choose "いいえ".
❾ Put into a password in 4-20 characters letters.
❿ Please click
⓫ Put this button for next step.







⓬ Please click
⓭ Remarks column. Put into your demand,  PayPal account, question and so on.










⓮ Put this button for next step.









⓯ finish button.





Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.